Roadworks associated with major new development at Nam Pin Wai gazetted

The current state of the area under planning. Photo: Google

Roadworks at the junction of Wo Mei Hung Min Road and the new access road to the major residential development at Nam Pin Wai have been gazetted by the Government. This development will be between Tseun Tung Film and TV Studios and Villa Royale.

The gazetted roadworks include:

(i) construction of a carriageway with footpaths and pedestrian crossings;
(ii) permanent closure and conversion of a section of the existing footpath into carriageway;
(iii) permanent closure and conversion of the existing run-in/run-out into carriageway and footpath;
(iv) temporary closure of a section of the existing footpath; and
(v) ancillary works including water, drainage, sewerage, utilities, lighting and landscaping works and installation of railing and traffic aids.
Details of the planned works can be seen by members of the public at the District Lands Office, Sai Kung, 3rd Floor,Sai Kung Government Offices,34 Chan Man Street, Sai Kung, New Territories during office hours, or online at
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