19 houses to be built near Lions Nature Education Centre by one of Sai Kung's richest families

19 houses
Photo: Google

Recently a Town Planning Board (TPB) application, for 19 three storey houses, was submitted for a site at Hong Kin Road, Sai Kung, which is the land behind the cement works, close to the Lions Nature Education Centre.

skt_18 map
Map: Lands Department

The plan is for two storey living area atop a ground floor double car port. This is a the second application. In the original application the plans called for some land that was zoned Green Belt (GB), not Residential. This was rejected. The developers are now asking the TPB to relax the plot ration from 0.75 to 0.756 so that they do not need to build on the GB land. The whole development will have 2,857 sq. m. of gross floor area on a site of 4020 sq. m.

skt_18 plans
Plan from developer’s application

The land is owned by the descendants of  Wu Muk Fung (胡木豐), a large land owning family in Sai Kung. According to the Town Planning Board’s documents, the applicant is Wu Yim Kuen, his son. It is understood that Wu Muk Fung, renowned in the area, relied on the construction materials, hardware, sand and cement, and owned  a lot of land around Sai Kung, including Shing Fung Film Studio Ltd, which is located in Ho Chung.  It is estimated that the family have accumulated at least $1 billion of land in the area。

TPB are accepting comments until 12 December 2017.

19 houes aerial
Photo; Google Earth
The site is located near the Lions Nature Education Centre. Photo: LNEC
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  1. This is exactly why we left Sai Kung, Hong Kong. Too many new developments, (this one would most likely represent a two to three car home) too many people, too many cars, not at all bicycle friendly. Good luck, traffic wise it will only get worse.

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