Five animal charities to benefit from musicians’ concert on 13 December

The first Sai Kung Animals Benefit Concert is set for the evening of 13 December at the waterfront bar Momentai. The event aims to support all major animal care organisations in the district that need money*. The beneficiaries will be Narelle Pamuk’s Sai Kung Stray Friends Foundation, Emily Allington’s Hong Kong Cats, Debbie Chow’s Home Dog Home, Catherine’s Puppies and Sai Kung Lost Found Injured Animals, founded by Carol Biddell and Karen Sarah Ball.

Musicians will be performing pro bono in support of the cause: guitarist-singer Ben Tully followed by the bands Village Dogs and The Soulkeepers. In between the acts brief talks will be given by the charity founders about animal issues here.

Event will be held at Momentai bar and restaurant.

The animals benefit concert is intended to be a regular event, perhaps twice annually. It was initiated by the directors of SAIKUNG BUZZ online newspaper. One of the owners of Momentai, Niko Smirnoff who fosters and adopts cats, was quick to throw his support behind it. Momentai will give $88 per ticket sold to the above charities plus about $10 per drink purchased on the evening of 13 December. The tickets will sell for $250 and include a meal from a special event menu plus two standard drinks.

Most right-thinking people care about animals and it is hoped they will turn out in numbers to support the hard workers behind the charities. All of them need money, in one or two cases desperately, for cat and dog food, housing and medical treatment. The music, socialising and short talks by the charities will start at 7pm and last until 11 at the open-air seafront Momentai.

* The cattle-care societies, eg Sai Kung Buffalo Watch, say they do not need money because the AFCD picks up the big bills.

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