Your article on Destiny Church is misleading: Let’s get behind them

Letter to the Editor by John Snelgrove

Pastor John Snelgrove, founder of The Vine Church. His son is Matt Snelgrove of Sai Kung’s The Living Room who says he will be involved in the first service of Destiny Church this Sunday at 10.30am at The Hive


I appreciate your calling to be a guardian and watchdog for the people of Sai Kung, but I am saddened by your need to write this article. As a Christian minister in Hong Kong with a heart for the whole church, I am delighted that Resurrection Church, Destiny Church and others have the aim to serve the Sai Kung and Clearwater Bay communities.

However, proper research would have shown that James and Jessica Trower have no connection with Destiny Church in New Zealand. Destiny, as it happens, hail from Scotland ( a long way from NZ!) and have reached out to communities across the UK and beyond. They have particularly attracted a younger congregation, who may have experienced a distance from more older and established churches.

That you have chosen to ignore this fact and then proceeded to link the Sai Kung church to not only the New Zealand church but Oral Roberts and the ‘prosperity gospel’ is reprehensible and misleading.

The churchgoing population in Hong Kong is estimated to be between 6-10%. We badly need more churches like Destiny and Resurrection and more leaders like James Trower, Chris Ponniah and others who have a heart for community. Let’s get behind them.

Can I respectfully suggest you print a retraction and apology for creating a misunderstanding, and as a powerful community newsletter (btw, you do a great job!) support a genuine attempt to serve the Sai Kung community?

John Henry Snelgrove

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